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Is studying MBA in USA really worth it

Is studying MBA in USA really worth it? What if I do not make more money in Job?

Few of my friends question me indirectly questions like:
  • What are you trying to achieve by doing MBA ?
  • Will you really make more money after MBA in USA ?
  • What if you do not make more money after MBA ?
  • Why dont you do it online ? You get the MBA degree
I have explained the differences between MS and MBA and if one should apply for MS or MBA in US after Bachelors in previous articles. Here, I will try to give my answer to above questions.
If you think logically, what my friends are asking is correct. What if I really do not make more money, is my degree going to be waste?  Let’s try to analyze the question and possibilities by using some math ! Imagine you are spending $60,000 towards your MBA in USA.  What is the Return on your investment for $60,000 ? When will you be break-even? When will you make more money from the MBA degree?

Traditional Thinking of MBA and earning after MBA

If everything goes well and you get a job promotion and make $5,000 more every year then it takes 12 years for you to break-even. ( I am taking a very minimum hike scenario, in reality you may get more, but for discussion let’s look at worst case scenario as base case )  . Even if you get promotion even at the age of 45, still you will be break even financially. Let’s look at the best case scenario, imagine you get that promotion at age of 35, and then you are making $50,000 dollars on top of your investment. What I have explained above is just layman’s thinking of finances and how most of us looks at finances…This is probably not the right way to look at MBA. It is not just about making more money…

My perspective, what does MBA really give you?

After my personal experience of studying MBA courses, here is what I think about MBA. In MBA, you study about many concepts of Business that can be applied to personal life. MBA really gives you the ability to make better decisions financially and personally.  Doing MBA online is the worst thing that you can ever do. In fact, you learn NOTHING and may only learn just bookish material. You should go to MBA classes and discuss with professor and fellow classmates. You learn from knowledge and business situations of other companies explained by your fellow classmates. Bringing their companies experiences to class. Classroom is a place for exchange of ideas. Online, you may read the articles and do discussions online.. but it is not the same….
Few things that I learnt in MBA
  • How does Financial Markets work ?   How can I invest ?
  • How does Marketing work ? What makes a product good ? What makes a brand good ? How can I demand customer service ?
  • How does Sales work ? How not be tricked by Sales people ?
  • How does Economy work ? How to save or spend based on Macro economic conditions ?  Where to invest in terms of Macro economic Crisis ?
  • How to identify a trend and predict the future if I have a set of data ? How can I implement the data analysis concepts to real life ?
  • How to create a Business Plan ? How to start a business ? How to create a Marketing Plan for business ? How to sell  ? Everything about Entrepreneurship
  • What is Strategy ? How to think Strategically ? Looking at 1 year from now or looking at 30 years from now ? What is best ? what is your strategy for personal life or career  ?
I can keep on writing….The key point is, strategically thinking : two to three years of my life and $60,000 of investment is totally worth the time and money for MBA because, if I can make more educated decisions by using logic and knowledge for the next 30 years of my life, I will get at least 20 times more than I invested in my education. Just imagine, if I can invest my savings money 2% better with the knowledge I gained, I make a lot more… Also, imagine I can save and buy better products in the next 30 years, I am saving a lot too. The first case is making profit, the second case is cutting loss by not choosing bad products, both of these are adding value… Some may argue, you do not need MBA to get all these, you can study and learn all these. Come on guys…tell me, How many of you will take time to study all these with dedication, unless you have tremendous self-discipline ?

My view of MBA and investment on MBA :

You are investing in yourself to make educated decisions in future based on logic and knowledge. MBA is not just for getting a better job or making more money. You cannot really measure the value of all your decisions by just money. It is more than money !  If you are passionate and want to learn and grow, I personally think MBA is a something right to consider… You may make a ton of money, you may be intrigued to open a company and you may succeed in making millions, you may be failure as an entrepreneur,….or you may not make an extra dime in job or business, but still you know how to manage your finances and other things at hand with more knowledge and logic…

Thursday, May 28, 2015

You Possibly Can Make Sense Of SEO

Your potential prospects need to be able to find you through an internet searches. This why it is essential that it is critical for you to make your site appear up to possible. These guidelines will assure you are doing an excellent job getting this goal accomplished.

Ask a non-profit to backlink to your content. Search engines like google look at is a result of these credible relationships. Provide useful content that may encourage quality websites to feature your blog. Create material that is loaded with information that this organizations will feel is worthy enough to feature on his or her sites.

Search engines like yahoo are the volume of visitors aimed at your website. Making your website spider friendly is imperative for success. Spiders cannot read images, so put a tag on every image that you include. Make sure to utilize descriptions that may be rich with keywords.

Use definite and simple commands how the search will arrive relevant results.

SEO is ways to help your web site. Lots of people do not realize how important this really is.

Come up with a single page that may be designated for starters keyword phrase.By limiting the page to just one topic, your posts is improved plus your readers will never only love it, which will bring you happy readers who come back to your blog often. Having loyal subscriber base always be superior to being towards the top of the search engine optimization.

Make sure you use language meta tag when your site's content is developed in a foreign language.Doing so will increase your site rankings for queries inside a particular language.

If you don't keep track of your standings then you simply will not know if your seo efforts are repaying. You can use either Alexa or Google toolbar to check on your page rank.

For instance, if the topic of your website is baseball, it is possible to write articles about collectible baseball items, baseball players, or perhaps equipment for playing baseball. If you include a number of information types on the niche, you improve your search engine exposure and will obtain a greater variety of targeted traffic to your site.

You should make every page on the site to be unique. The titles which you create are of particular importance. These are necessary to your SEO.

Games and surveys are perfect ways to find your blog to improve assist you in seeking the ideal audience. People love for taking surveys that will let them know concerning their fashion sense or what sort of person they can fit into society through taking surveys. You need to ask about whatever they love to do and what their shopping habits or interests. You'll learn more about your audience using this method and people will delight in doing the survey.

Leaving posts on blogs with good content can assist you to link to their internet site. Should you leave quality comments on their blog, some blog creators will allow you to maintain the link. Make sure you leave links that are on relevant sites instead of places where your links don't apply because you would like to add something to some site, and also the comments you depart should add something of worth to the other site.It is possible to leave related comments and links to your site if you have a complete mastery of your own subject material.

Tend not to place any copied content in your page, or you will be punished and this will lessen your ranking.

Your server ought to be coded that it is case-sensitive in terms of URLs.

Even when all your content articles are about the same topic, keep each title or heading interesting, the titles and names should each be unique and interesting. The initial words of the title are what catches the reader's interest.

If you intend on using link directories to obtain links back to you, make sure to use ones which may have premium quality links, and also legitimate sites. Many directories have poorly designed or are simply from date. Always make time to research any business you affiliate yourself with.

You can and ought to include Rather Easy Syndication (RSS) feeds that relate right to the material contained on the website. RSS feeds that happen to be counted as new content. If you are unable to locate a good feed to your website, create your own where you post relevant specifics of your niche. Try to encourage subscriptions to the Feed.

This helps improve your search engines. Meta descriptions are the best regarded as a request for action, because they often can be found in the brief website description underneath the hyperlink of your own website. Most modern website cms provide boxes that you tweak the meta description for every page.

You will find lots of online marketing businesses available who charge high prices for sloppy work. Research former clients of such companies and study testimonials as to what other individuals need to say regarding their services. Doing this might help you save from ending up spending money without receiving any real gains for your personal site.

Optimize your website toward your targeted niche and keywords. Always add relevant articles and content containing keywords this includes articles.

To better connect everything, put the name of your own company immediately after the title tag link.People aren't very likely to search for your company's name.

SEO to your business site is not going to should be complicated or difficult. All it takes is giving a little bit focus to detail and readjusting how you approach things. By following the SEO tips we now have given, your business website should notice a increase in its rankings.

10 Tips to improve your health

10 Tips to improve your health

You have to protect your health - it is all you have. Doing everything you can will ensure that you stay out of illnesses way and that you have a long and a happy life. To help you do that, we will look at 10 tips to improve your health.
  • Stop smoking - Smoking is detrimental to your health. If you still need your nicotine fix, you should give the electronic cigarette a go.
  • Don't have more than 3 drinks a week - Limit your alcohol drinks to no more than 3 a week and switch from white wine to red.
  • Control your stress levels - Stress is also bad for your health. Relaxing exercises like yoga, Pilates and meditation can help you de-stress.
  • Prepare your food the healthy way - Healthy cooking methods include: grilling, steaming, poaching, baking and stir frying.
  • Get enough omega 3 and 6 in - You can get your dose of omegas in by eating fatty fish, walnuts and seeds.
  • Include super healthy foods in your diet - These foods are all super-healthy: blueberries, almonds, pomegranates, cinnamon, tomatoes, apples, beans, wheat-germ and more. Make sure that you include them daily.
  • Do at least one Pilates class a week - Pilates strengthens the core and increases your flexibility.
  • Do regular cardio training - Cardio strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Do regular weight training - Weight training strengthens the bones and the muscles.
  • Laugh more often - It is shown that regular laughter can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. So make a point of it to regularly laugh by watching good comedies or by enjoying good company.
Just implement these tips and you will be as healthy as ever. You will also have more energy, you will feel lighter, happier and most importantly healthier. If you want to practice Pilates at home, your best bet is the Pilates fitness band. And the best combination of exercise is weight and cardio training.

Fenugreek Seed- Getting the Best Results from Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seed is a culinary spice used around the world. Get facts and information on fenugreek to help you understand what Fenugreek seeds are how it can benefit your body and improve your health.
Fenugreek is most popular in India, who also produces most of the world’s supply. It is a common ingredient in curry and is widely used by chefs to enhance their dishes.
Fenugreek History
Fenugreek is Latin and translate to “Greek hay”. The genus, Trigonella comes from another Greel work meaning “three-angled” from the points of the “crown” around a seed. Fenugreek was used in ancient Rome as an aid to male potency. In Asia, it is used in cooking as it is a base ingredent in curry powder. It is also used in perfumes, lotions, and soaps. In some countries it is used for hair tonice and helps to cure baldness. In ancient China, it was used for problems with kidneys, hernia, impotence, and other male related problems.

* Only the fruit, the seeds, are used. They are usually in a dried form that is ground or whole (Fenugreek seed extract is also available).

How to Use Fenugreek
Fenugreek is typically used in cooking, but are used in capsules when used for medical conditions. It can be found in extract form also. You can eat up to 3 1/2 0z. (100g) of the seeds in one meal without any gastrointestinal side effects. Caution: Do not eat more as this will give you TOO much fiber.
Sorethroats can be soothed by mixing a finely ground powder with cider and warm water.

Pain can be relieved by using fenugreek in a paste form. This is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent for rashes.

Most people would not like the bitter taste of Fenugreek, but it used in capsule form for remedies of boils, eczema, and furuncles. In the US, it is in imitation maple syrups. Other countries have used fenugreek seeds for diabetics by soaking the seeds in water. The addition to a diabetics daily diet was found to decrease blood sugar levels, while raising good HDL levels.

Using for low blood sugar, the powder is better than using whole seeds as the powder releases more of the vanadium when your food is digesting.

Do not use if pregnant or if you are allergic to chickpeas.

Fenugreek is also recognized by many other names such as: Greek Clover, Greek Hay, Greek Hay Seed, Foenugreek, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Bird’s Foot, Alholva, Chandrika, Hu Lu Ba, Methi, Medhika, Trigonella, Bockshornsame, and Methi.

*This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

What to Expect from Montreal Business Hotels

Business meetings that are held in a serene and comfortable environment can be much more productive. This is exactly what you will get at the Hotel Le Crystal. The hotel is specially designed to host large corporate events. There are plenty of amenities that you can enjoy at the business hotel. The furniture will provide you with a luxurious environment that is more than adequate for hosting various types of business meetings. It is possible for you to request for various electronic gadgets at the hotel business centre. The following are the various things that you should expect from the Montreal business hotel.
Pleasant décor
The décor and furniture arrangements are comfortable and tranquil in the hotel’s business centre. The furniture is arranged in such a way as to offer all guests an opportunity to see the speaker. You can also request that the furniture be arranged in a specific way, just let the event planners know what you prefer. The Montreal business hotel has a variety of meeting rooms to cater to all types of events. However, you should inform Hotel Le Crystal about the number of invited guests and the style of the event to ensure a successful meeting.
Client services like no other
You will receive the best client care from Hotel Le Crystal. Staff are well trained to offer high quality and helpful services. They are thoughtful and courteous, and will be happy to assist you in any way possible. This particular Montreal business hotel also offers complementary coffee or tea to guests. You may request catering services for any business meetings, if that is a requirement. The staff at the hotel business centre are available whenever you want to hold events, thus allowing you to conduct business meetings at the business hotel outside of normal working hours.
Welcoming and comfortable environment
The hotel business centre was deliberately created to host events of various sizes, allowing for different room layouts. The lighting and high ceilings will prove useful, and you will enjoy the wondrous view of Montreal from the large windows at this business hotel. The outdoor terrace is accessible from the meeting room area, allowing you and your guests to enjoy warm summer air during meeting breaks. Guests at the Montreal business hotel have the option of sitting at the workstations or in the luxurious lounge area.
Plenty of helpful amenities

The work stations are equipped with a variety of helpful hotel business amenities. These amenities make it possible for you to conduct work with ease during your stay. It also makes it possible for you to coordinate your activities for the business meeting. The best hotel for business in downtown Montreal will provide access to a printer, paper shredder, touch screen monitors as well as a charging station of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Business can be conducted directly from your mobile device with access to complimentary Wi-Fi. Hotel Le Crystal’s wireless Internet is fast and reliable, which makes doing business from the workstations painless.

Know your Car Insurance Basics to Attain Maximum Benefits

Have you ever thought that are you fully prepared to bear the damages to your beloved car? And remember these damages could range from a broken taillight to total loss. A fully comprehensive car insurance is a must have in this situation.

Although only third-party liability cover is mandatory by motor vehicle act in India but it does not cover the damages incurred to the owner’s car. However, a comprehensive car insurance plan from renowned companies like icici Lombard can compensate for damages incurred to a great extent. 

Besides the basic coverage offered under comprehensive policies, a person can even opt for add-on covers, with the help of which a complete coverage can be obtained. These added coverage options cover a variety of things like damage to electrical and non electrical parts, complete damage, and the list goes on and on. Various plans are available in the market along with add on packages that can be easily obtained online or offline from general insurance companies like icici Lombard.

While it is a good choice to opt for add-on covers along with the basic plan but remember an added premium is what it demands. Therefore, analyze your needs and circumstances first and ten opt for a particular plan and related riders. Knowing what your policy includes or excludes can guard you against sudden costs that a person might not be prepared for otherwise. 

Consider the following points to get the maximum from your car insurance: 
• 24X7 Customer Support: One can avail 24X7 helpline provided through online portals of general insurance companies. These customer support services offer complete information to existing as well as interested buyers. The information might be related to the policy details, complaints or to get claim assistance.

• Claims Reporting Anytime, Anyplace: Internet has helped people report a claim to the insurance company anytime and from anywhere. The executives then guide the interested person through the whole process and also help him attain assistance from authorized people or service centers. 

• Accident Repair Warranty: It gives you warranty on the repairs done after the accident at the listed garages or service centers only. This service is provided by very few insurance companies.

• Cashless Claim Facility at Network Garages: Insurance providers these days have tie ups with garages and vehicle service points all over the country. These are known as Network Garages. An insured person can avail cashless transaction facility at these garages. But the services offered might differ according to the brand of one’s car. 

• Quick Claim Settlement: Speedier claims settlement has become an important criterion that helps choose an insurance company. Due to increased competition many insurance companies ensure that once all the documents related to the accident are submitted, the claim will be settled quickly within a week.